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Top 50 Blogs for Strength Training Tips

With 2011 upon you, what do you think about the way you look and feel? Are you ready for some New Year fitness resolutions? Or, if you are a health care professional, how can you motivate patients to strengthen their core or various body parts after surgery or illness? These top 50 blogs for strength training tips contain information from trainers, from do-it-yourselfers and professional strength tips for various sports. There are quite a few, as well, that are for and by women. Read More..

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20 Essential Web Apps for Fitness Nuts

Your phone and your computer can now be some of your best fitness tools. There are applications for the web, however you access it that can track your workouts, keep your diet balanced and help you keep track of all your fitness goals. Check out these 20 web apps for your smartphone.

For Your Android

  1. CardioTrainer + RacingM: Combines the free CardioTrainer with a racing application that will challenge you to beat your own best time. You’ll get a virtual race simulator, including a voice telling you just how far ahead or behind you are.
  2. Endomondo Sports Tracker: This application integrates with Google maps and is designed for runners, walkers and cyclists. You can track your time, distance, speed and altitude as well as keep track of your workouts.
  3. AllSport GPS: Track your route, distance, time, speed and calories burned with this app. You can get maps, virtual races and even reports on your progress.
  4. Absolute Fitness: This is a great all in one tool. It tracks your calories and food intake, your exercise and lets you know how you’re doing toward meeting your fitness goals.
  5. Backpacker GPS Trails: A great personal GPS navigation device for hikers. You can download maps, track your walks and find nearby trails.
  6. Instant Heart Rate: Measures your heart rate using Android’s built in camera. You just put your finger over the camera for 10 seconds.
  7. Yoga Poses: Great app for the yoga enthusiast on the go. Get a complete yoga workout wherever you go with the most popular yoga poses.
  8. Nutrition Tips: Get tips on making your food work for you.
  9. Droid Fit: Auto record workout logs for bodybuilders. Contains workout plans with hundreds of workouts.
  10. C25K: Use this application to help you follow the “Couch to 5k” plan. This app times your workout while you listen to your own music or podcasts. It plays an audio signal when you need to switch your pace.

For Your iPhone

  1. Deft Fitness: This app helps you decide which exercises you should be doing, based on the fitness goals you want to achieve.
  2. Run Keeper: Great app for runners, it helps you keep track of your progress by storing stats on the duration, distance, pace and speed of each run. It also has a built in GPS.
  3. Gym Buddy: This app keeps track of the stats you need to know, like how many reps and how much weight you’re up to on each of your weight lifting exercises, and your time to beat on your runs.
  4. BiCycle: Keep track of your rides and map out new ones with the GPS in this great app created especially for cyclists. You can even see how many calories you’ve burned on your ride.
  5. iFitness: This app gives you everything you need to keep track of your workout information. It can recommend exercises for you based on your fitness goals, and it can keep track of your progress. You can choose from over 160 exercises with this app.
  6. Graffed: Graffed is a great tool for those who are reshaping their bodies. When you’re working out to build muscle, you may not see the results on the scale. But, graffed can help you keep track of how your body is changing… for the better.
  7. Daily Burn: Keep track of what you eat and how many calories you burn off, so that you can meet your diet and fitness goals.
  8. Fit Link: This is a fitness community, and more! You can keep a workout journal, determine which exercises you need to be doing and even track your progress. But, you can also connect with other people who are on similar journeys to health and fitness.
  9. Daily Mile:A great way to keep track of your workouts and map your routes. You can also launch some competition with your friends.

For your Smartphone or Computer

  1. Gmaps Pedometer: Want to know how many steps you’ve taken or how much you walk in a day? This app from Google can help you.

Check out all these great apps that can help you determine your fitness goals, and track your progress as you reache them.

How to: Improve Your Mental Health in 5 Minutes a Day

Earlier it was used to be assumed that human brain sank down in its functions, when,   its neural gets break down as an unavoidable part of aging. However, some newer researches has completely changed this misconception and new neuron cell of the brain can be made on till at newer age. There a lot of things can be done as to preserve, protect and increase gray matter of the brain like:

  • Physical Exercise: A healthy body do also made a healthy mind. Doing exercise regularly effect the health of the mind. Exercise improves brain power by stimulating beneficially affecting brain. Exercise with process of neurogenesis 2 creates new cells known to be neuron. Physical exercise may even help keeping away Alzheimer’s disease. Several studies7-9 have confirmed that regular physical activity reduces the risk of cognitive decline and dementia in old age.
  • Regular Learning: Our brain is huge learning machine as we keeps on repetitively learning things.  It is scientifically proved that learning produce favorable impression into the human brain. If you feel that your education is already over you can do learning new and institutive things. You can start learning to play musical instruments, can switch career or start a new one, starts hobby like as crafts, painting, biking or bird watching. If you let your brain it is neither in favor of your good health.
  • Social Interaction: “Social interaction” can be understood from the fact that as much a person get into interaction with friends and close associates as better it would be for the health of the brain.   By socializing it makes a proactive effect on the brain as it is sort of mental exercise.   Not only does the interaction with others help brain to grow more it makes person sharp and help them this way in dealing with people is quite challenging.  It had been found during a research in US that socializing is effective and more is like a traditional type of mental exercise that boost memory and intellectual performance.
  • Sleep: Sleep is very important to development and growth of the mind.  Healing power of sleep generates neurogenesis and forms new brain cells. Without proper sleep brain cannot process and consolidate knowledge and for memories to form. A 45-minute brief midday nap also helps in improving memory and brain allocation. By learning something at day and then consolidating it during night is good for night’s sleep and even helps in carrying out the task effectively in the morning.
  • Stress Management: As for brains’ consumption level, it utilizes 20 percent oxygen of human body and 20 percent of its blood. There occurs are many averse   impact of stress on human mind and brain. Some of the most adverse impact of stress on brain is hippocampus atrophy, shrinkage of the hippocampus or prefrontal cortex.  Stress is too common to human beings and it can be avoided by stress management and employing certain simpler methods like looking at problems as opportunities, for being getting away from the noise, exercise, making time for leisure activities.

5 iPad Apps for Healthcare Professionals

Apple has with the launch of iPad have allowed use of iPhone apps even on iPads too. And has not left any exception for medical applications to be run on iPad, below are some medical apps which are currently operable on iPad and below a brief review for each of the application is given.

  1. Blausen Human Atlas: This particular iPad application is very viable as to be used in the field of medicine. This application includes 3D figures of human anatomy a vast medical glossary and about 1,000 still images to be used out. More this applications has library of videos telling about normal medical conditions like GERD and osteoarthritis. Basically, everything under this particular application is designed with objective to improve patient- physician communication.
  2. Visual Dx Mobile: This app that has been recently released is a very helpful utility as measure for the treatment of dermatologic diseases that is aimed towards being a point-of-care decision support tool that is used for skin lesions. Under this application ample information regarding with an enormous library of information is provided in novel format.  I could use the “Find a Diagnosis” function and use information provided there as a melanoma to look at a high-risk patient what he may be actually looking at and looking for.
  3. Procedures Consult:  This application offered by Modality is a series of applications that provides a good number of procedures regarding internal medicine and family practice. The unique features of these applications are fantastic and state of the art video tutorials with a narrator interspersed with still images to highlight how to submit pleural fluid to the lab. The Procedures Consult series was developed with objective so easily could be understood by a learner. And the other benefit with these applications is that all videos of it can be stored locally on the device that is an important feature of these applications.
  4. OsiriX or eFilm: These applications are capable of creating radiology images on iPad and definitely are not a surprise for anyone to see them on the list. It provides the brain MRI and gives alert in case of any possibility of stroke. And on iPad it is better to look at beautiful high resolution screen on the iPad would be even better.  More to turn on these images there are touch screens to look image according to your need and requirement and more can sent out that images to radiologists to learn about the exact nature of the problem.
  5. Papers: This particular medical application has been awarded as it lest to look easily at research papers and includes all your literature into a mobile form. And it provides solution to the problem of reading pdf files on iPhone due to the limitation of the screen size.  It optimizes PDF viewing capability on the iPhone and would provide same experience on the iPad too.

LPN To BSN Programs

There is a high demand for nurses in health centers and therefore if you are in this field you need to upgrade from LPN to BSN so that you can increase your opportunities and advance your career. There are many programs which are offered in BSN and you can choose one that best suits you in the area that you want to specialize in. Some of the programs which are offered are: clinical pharmacotherapeutics this is where you are taught more on pharmaceuticals so that you can be able to handle different patients differently according to the condition that they suffer from. Here you can also know the right drugs to administer for different disease so that your patients can be able to receive treatment on time.

You also get specialized skills in advanced clinical practice where you get to know about all the laws and ethics that you should follow when you are in the clinic and how you are supposed to conduct yourself while you are in the clinic so that the operations in the clinic can run smoothly. Here you also get to learn about holistic nursing. This is a general overview of what nursing is all about and all the operations that encompass a nurse’s life. You learn how to provide people with the quality services that they need. You are also taught the people skills that you need so that you can be able to handle patients with respect and treat them well so that you can assist in their speedy recovery. You are taught about the rounds you are to make in a hospital or a health care center so that you can know exactly how you are supposed to handle various situations.

The programs are more integrates and you can find a program that deals with administration and consultation services. This basically gives you the skills you need to be able to run a good institution and it also provides you with the skills you need to be able to run efficient consultation services. You can also find different programs on health assessment where you are taught to learn to observe the symptoms of a certain disease so that you can be able to come up with the correct form of treatment so that you can be able to save lives. You can also major in patient education stabilization and care so that you can have all the information you need about how to treat your patients, patient stabilization is extremely important for the nurses who are willing to work in the emergency rooms as you have to think fast when a patient is brought in so that you can assess his or her situation and find a way of stabilizing them before you can give appropriate treatment.